Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July is almost over already, wowza where does the time go?

Hello all,

Another bee-e-a-utiful day here in SE Ptown. Many new revelations in the lands of Portland, the breeze has brought in some interesting new characters to my life here. I finally got out of that crazy house on Hawthorne after many many nights of wondering what will happen next. So now I am in a condo, glamorous right? But wait it gets better. I have only one roommate, well technically two because Mick the dog is a 140 pound great Dane, Sean the sushi chef. Good dude, good friends, non-annoying and super easy to get along with. I am actually really stoked about my current living situation, 21st and Clinton is a great neighborhood and it made me closer to my work. So now I only have a 15 minute cyclo-commute which is nice, especially on those mornings where I cant quite wake up on time. Coltrane the bicycle has been holding up very well as being my only form of transportation. Its funny how once you commit to be a "cyclist" as your primary means of getting around you find these ways to do everything you did before but only on two wheels. I am working on a cargo bike currently for hauling bigger loads but my thoughts have been diverted to a special bicycle project for my lady friend.
Which brings me to another point, my lady friend. I will not go into details about who she is because this is the internet, By the way. She may or may not be into tooling around town on two wheels as much as me, but I sure hope she enjoys it half as much as I do for both our sakes. I have built up a pretty awesome reincarnation of Nervous Nellie, the Nishiki bike that I learned to fall in love with road bikes on. Funny thing is now that I know something about bikes I realize how absurdly small the bike was for me. Hopefully it will be perfect for her, we will see.
Many new revelations are going to be left unmentioned but lets see what else I can conjure up laters.

Have a good one and keep it classy out there.