Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts on this ever-evolving thing we call life

So, it has been a rather eventful few weeks here in Bridgetown. Lets start with a Saturday a few Saturdays ago when me and my amazing friends went out to celebrate the engagement of two beautiful souls. Sometimes people say they are getting engaged and you have no emotion, sometimes you think it is a good idea, sometimes a bad idea, this exact example makes the most sense of any nuptials I have ever heard mentioned. The two are amazing, just the friendliest, most outgoing, bend-over-backwards to help anyone type of people including me; who they helped with the introduction of a beautiful young lady into my life. Needless to say I was stoked for the night, everyone came over and we commenced merrymaking, went out and painted the town red and everyone made it home safe and sound.... great night.

Next morning, not so much. Some schmuck stole my bicycle out of my living room, thats right my living room on a Sunday, on Gods day. Ughh....

It taught me a very valuable lesson about people, tendencies, trust, and "homespace." I do not wish any harm on the thief, his karma has already taken that hit, nor do I regret the events that transpiried. No, I learned alot from that, some things that I needed to learn before more serious events could take place. Mainly learned about the company that you keep, very important lesson.

Then came the roommate shuffle. My house is quite the eclectic one, difficult to find a lot of people that get along very well and can live in the same space, but you know me I roll with the punches. So first, I thought of moving out, turned out to be way too expensive and unnecessary in the long run. Then Jerry moved out, I will miss the kid but no harm no foul. Then Jerry proposes the idea to Carrie to move out, she accepts and once again i miss her but its not like they are living the Portland area, we will cross paths regulary i feel. So now me, Matty, and Natalie are presented with a unique situation: find two new roommates that can do the communal, crazy, open door policy house deal. It is Portland so it has been incredibly easy so far, I am excited about getting new roommates and meeting new people and making new friends. Plus I just cant wait for the summertime here, especially in our beautiful house.

Now for the random thoughts that have been plaguing me recently. I am very fotunate to have my folks and friends that are always there for support. I need to organize my life better. We got another volunteer coach for the varisty Hillsboro high school lacrosse team that I am coaching, hopefully that will take some pressure off of my schedule. I have emt an amazing young woman who is very good to me, and I try to be in return, relationships are constant learning environments and I wouldnt have it any other way. The Ravens need to re-sign Ray Ray, they have to, I dont care what it takes.

I am one lucky individual, for reals.