Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lets give this a shot..


So you know I am pretty outspoken and don't really hold back, but recently I have been and it eats me up inside when i have all these random thoughts piling up in my brain with no venue to release them into. Well I figure this blog can be my wastebasket for complete nonsense that crosses my incredibly ADD brain throughout my "normal" weeks here in the magical land of Portland. I will try to spread the love around between my way-too-many-to-list hobbies and distractions that rule my life, but I can guarantee that it will be consistently inconsistent with absolutely no guarantees of any consistency consistently, follow that?

This is basically my introductory blog post. Those who know me know me, for those who dont... well its nice to "meet" you. The internet terrifies me and gives me hope that the planet can survive another fifty years, and it also solves lifes most important questions. Like when you need to know who was the guest star on the 42nd episode of "Murder She Wrote" ( Peter Bonerz) and I wish I had made up that name. So it is to the internet that I turn to allow my people back home and all over the world, shout outs to Grenada, Costa and the DR, to get a little idea of what nonsense consumes my thought processes during the course of a normal day.

I am a young wandering soul who have finally found restitude in a little big city entitled Portland, Stumptown, Bridgecity, city of roses, Rip City, Little Beirut, or whatever the kids are calling it these days. This is an amazing city; like Wonder Woman amazing, not like W staying in office for eight years amazing, and i am completely head over heels in love with it. There is a lot of care put into everything here, people who reside here want to reside here and that is the most noticeable difference. Back in Charm city almost everyone is from there and it seems that it lacks the respect that it deserves, think of two million people living on Rodney Dangerfield. Here practically everyone has moved here and along with them brought their story and passion for whatever inspires them. this is the main reason that the city has so many "scenes" I mean really if you cannot find a niche in portland you are probably more like the grizzlie man and should be living in the treetops somewhere, preferably not with lemurs because that is my dream not yours. Since moving here I have realized so many things that bothered me living elsewhere, things that I love that I knew about, and things that i love that i had no idea even existed like curbside composting.

In summary i will try to fill the pages of this blog with meaningful, inspirational, and wonderfully amusing rants that to the average person will prove to be completely uninspiring, meaningless and not humurous. But to those that really know, or get to know me, it will be just like sitting at Souris saloon kicking back some Natty bohs and pretending like you understand what I am trying to say.

Carpe Diem, for it is the only one that we get today